Saturday, March 25, 2006

The End of Innocence

It was a joyous day indeed. I broke my alchohol fast with a glass of the home wine, Columbia, in the prescence of the one who imposed it in the first place. Spent some time in the woods: MMM State Park is still gorgeous. Spent some time in the bookshops: ended up with a lot of books I'd been seeking. Spent some time with family: my parents came over and the rest called seperately all day. Spent some time with my girlfriend who finished walking for some 10 hours last night in Relay for Life. All in all, the end of innocence came with a smile. It slipped in while I was doing everything I've wanted to for the past month. It came without a large bill. It came, and went, and now I am ready for bed. Bless you all.

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Turquoise said...

Happy 21rst B-day! You Rawk!