Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Virgin Post

I remember things that should never have come to light: ravings in a stark-mad mind. This is written simply to free myself from Dulcinea’s enchantment. So you, dear reader, if you dare the disjointed, turbulent river of my ink in some makeshift craft of blankets, couches, or hard-backed chairs, do not fail to marvel at the insanity conjuring up these words. I paint my walls black with a ball-point brush, letter by letter, word by word, and these drunken, debilitating ravings drive pen fingers to ache and swell.

March 2006


Radish King said...

that's one hell of a meal. Glad yr on the mend.

Anonymous the Younger said...

I am glad as well. Let me tell you, best Grilled Cheese Sandwich ever.