Thursday, April 06, 2006

Institutionalized Poetry

Translations: Ezra Pound said, "Poetry is what gets lost in translation." A translated poem is, in the words of Robert Wrigley, "A new poem based off an older one." The best translator is a Holy Grail. I love Mark Musa for Italian - especially Dante. My next try will be Stephen Mitchell.

Tools: "There's no poetic tool that ever gets worn out. If it doesn't work, or comes out trite, or is just bad, you only have the failings of your own imagination to blame. That's what poetry is: trying things you haven't done yet." -Robert Wrigley

The State of Poetry: "It's good. The institutionalized study of creative writing seems to make it more vibrant and various. People are trying things they normally wouldn't. It gives them the confidence to push themselves to and past new boundaries. And, whenever you push yourself, there's going to be failures. But I think if you took a section of poetry today, and a section of poetry from any other era, you would find the same percentage of shitty poetry." -Robert Wrigley.


Sheryl said...

Stephen Mitchell's translation of Rilke is one of my favorite reads. Hmmmn yes, one of my favorites that I didn't list when I was tagged!

Anonymous the Younger said...

Rilke is actually who we were discussing last night too! It must be good then.