Monday, April 24, 2006

Luck of the Prof

This weekend was crazy. I had work off. I worked more than I have since last semester. Didn't even get to start on the last sculpture (A self portrait in three parts - wood, sand, and silicone cast piece(s)) but I taught myself "the crux of the class" in Architecture.

Everything is now due in less than 300 hours. May 4th at 9:30, all my Architecture is due. May 4th at 3:30 all my poetry is due (The new chapbook is shaping up nicely). Friday, May 5th, at some unspecified time, Sculpture 241 will take hostage Friendship Square in downtown Moscow. We will be displaying inflatable sculptures. I make the fifth of my group. I have few ideas, but don't need any till Wednesday. Last year, across the border, a team made a 70ft tall caterpillar. We're going big. Feel free to come. There may be Jazz Ensemble and theatre productions - or just big plastic sculptures with little fans blowing them up.

So my three part self portrait was due today. However, I had no time, and my prof has been setting up the already legendary 2006 UI MFA show at the Prichard (Just opened Friday. Everybody I know over here has gone already. It's amazing. Review + Pictures coming soon) which he is a member of, so he forgot all my stuff was due today. I have another week.

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