Sunday, April 09, 2006

Moscow in Spring.

My girlfriend and I finally got out walk in. Beautiful day. Picked these along the side of the road - did not even have to venture into anybody's yard. I was told these bloom first in Idaho. I don't know what they are called.

Today is the first lawn-mowing day of the year in Moscow.


Turquoise said...

Crocus? Hythinths?

Yes, lawn mowing. I was wondering why the air smelled like melon. Then yesterday, after my neighbor mowed, I figured it out.

Cut grass smells like melons.

Radish King said...

They almost look like corn flowers, or batchelor buttons. Beautiful. I love the smell of cut grass. My ex husband still comes over and mows my lawn. We've been divorced 22 years. No matter where I've lived, he's come over and mown the lawn.

Anonymous the Younger said...

Turqoise, cut grass smells itchy to me. But so do all melons but watermelons.

Rebecca, I love your natural mystique. Every once in a while you pop out one of these stories that throws me from the roof of my building.