Thursday, April 06, 2006

Poetic Rant III

-------...after Mos Def and Robert Wrigley

Rather than poetry as a mythical giant living out in the hills, why do people not realize that we are poetry. Whatever is happening to us is what is going to happen to poetry. "If we smoked out, [poetry] gonna be smoked out." It's simple. We write words. I doubt that words come to us like, "I was working through this draft, and the words themselves appeared before me in tahiti dress singing a cool island song." No. The words come from us. We write them. The only place words come to us from is inside our own minds. Both Wrigley and Def understand this: poetry is personal. Poetry is a thumbprint. Poetry is me and I am poetry - what I read affects me, and what I am affects what I write and how I take what I read.

Last night, when asked if what he wrote was predominately fact or fiction, Wrigley replied, "Yes. That's why I write poetry: it's both. If you write under the moniker nonfiction, you better make damn sure what you write is accurate. If you write fiction you have to be positive you don't plagarize. I write poetry, it's both. So all my poems are based on personal experience, whether I've had it or not." It's the age old debate between truth and accuracy. Truth is the pinacle, but has no place in journalism. Accuracy is admirable, but has no place in poetry.

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