Thursday, April 06, 2006

Robert Wrigley Reading

Wrigley read eight miles away, in Pullman, at Washington State University. He began with an orgasmic peice about the summer before he was drafted, "That summer of a thousand Julys ... the world rode shotgun." This peice is amazing. I do not remember which book of his it is out of, but I must ask him sometime.

He read three of my favorites, "Do You Love Me?" "Discretion," and "Highway 12, Just East of Paradise, Idaho." All three are found in an anthology I had to purchase as a class textbook, Billy Collins' 180 More: Extraordinary Poems for Every Day. That book is terrible, despite some wonderful poems by Merwin, Olds, Dunn, Pereira, and more. Overall though, I didn't like it.

Wrigley however, is a wonderful orator - funny as hell. He prefaced one poem about his daughter with, "Three year olds are the most stupendously dangerous people I know." Throughout the reading he had the crowd laughing and thinking at all the right times. He really is a fantastic reader.

Wrigley has a New & Selected coming out in October that I will be in line for.


Turquoise said...

I'm still laughing. Good times!

Anonymous the Younger said...

He read that peice about Wilbur, and when he quoted his shirt, "Eat the Vegans," Charles looked at me and said, "You just can't get away man."