Monday, April 10, 2006


Darfur is the three western wilayah (states) - North, West, and South Darfur.

Most of the Darfurian refugees are internally displaced (IDPs). However, a growing number are flocking to the overcrowded, inadequately supplied refugee camps in Chad.

The Week's News:

NATO is sending about 500 advisors over to assist the African Union in logistics, communications, and tactics. Finally, some Occidental action. (Article here)

As always, good news from home comes coupled with terrible news from Darfur. About two or three months ago the Darfurian violence spread to Chad. A treaty was signed in February, after two weeks of brutal skirmishing. Sporadic conflicts carried on for a few weeks.

Lately, unknown armed militia have been night-raiding Darfurian refugee camps in Chad. About 2 days ago, Sudan backed Chadian rebels and ordered an attack on Haraze Mangueigne, close to Chad's borders with both the Central African Republic and Sudan. It is unknown whether or not the attack is still on. Chadian reinforcements were seen heading that way yesterday. This coincides with another large outbreak of violence in Darfur. The presidential election is next month in Chad. (Article here)

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