Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Wolf / Le Mans Warmup

Not Winston Wolfe, but Wolf Henzler. Wolf Henzler has officially joined Flying Lizard Motorsports in the 45 car. My favorite GT2 driver has now joined my favorite GT2 car. Sweet. Portland is going to rock this year.

Le Mans: The invitations this year were superb: there are 14 GT2 cars, and 12 each of the rest of the classes. This is the most even field in a long time. Le Mans is the pinacle of motorcar racing - F1 and WRX each close seconds. The excitement is phenomenal.

My 58 day early predictions:

Overall: I don't expect another surprise like Sebring. Audi's and Dyson's on top. Intersport may make it there too.
LMP1: Audis and Dyson Lolas on top.
LMP2: Intersport Lola, Mazda, and
GT2: Corvettes and Astons.
GT1: Ferrari, Flying Lizard Porsche, and Panoz on top.

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