Sunday, May 21, 2006

ALMS Round 3 - Mid-Ohio

Rarely can we point to one year, one month, or .424 seconds and say, "That was the begining." Today we can: the international motorcar racing scene will never be the same.

Overall, LMP2, and LMP1: For the first time, LMP2s took 1-2 overall. The winning #7 started dead last on the grid, but forget class wins, the Penske Porches overcame the reliability issues of rounds 1 and 2 to claim their throne. Crossing the line .424 seconds apart, the two cars beat the new Dyson Lolas and the Audi R8 with impeccable pit strategies, improved reliability, less weight, manuverability, and zero driver mistakes over the 2:45 race. Dyson's #16 was on pace before heading off track and losing significant time in the pits; they took 5th overall, 2nd in class. Intersport finished 4th overall and 3rd in LMP2 class at their home race. The Audi R8 took 3rd overall and the LMP1 win.

GT1: The #4 Corvette took its 8th win in a row. I remember being in Portland, Oregon last year and cheering them across the line first. They haven't lost since. I like to think it's because of me. This class was a Vette 1-2, and an Aston 3-4. Next Vette v. Martin battle is Le Mans.

GT2: #45 Flying Lizard took another win! I always get excited when my favorite team - still the underdog - does way better than expected against stiff competition. I hope the best for them at Le Mans. They won despite an early off. #50 Panoz came in second. BMW came in 4th and 5th, great finishes on a track that didn't quite suit them. Ferrari took 6th.

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