Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I once asked a friend if the feeling of my chest collapsing is normal.



Radish King said...

Yes. It's how panic attacks often begin.



Anonymous the Younger said...


There is a tree outside my window that is totally white right now. Some sort of fruit tree I think. It's in the hippie neighbor's yard. I blew smoke rings at it earlier.

Sunrise was amazing this morning. For some reason, I cannot help but write when I see a sunrise. Every time. Even if I'm driving and late, I pull over and write.


ps - I may be back to normal this weekend. Currently at level orange.

Anonymous the Younger said...

All semester I have felt that except when I was in the hospital bed. Does a panic attack usually take care of it? I should try one.

Radish King said...

My psychiatrist told me yesterday that he has begun smoking cigars. Do you think he's coming on to me? I mean, aren't cigars pretty phallic?

Anonymous the Younger said...

Cigars are definately very phallic shaped. Being someone who smokes 3-4 a week on average, I don't quite see that as him coming on to you. I don't know him though.

As discussed yesterday at The Garden, when girls smoke cigars it is irresistable. Two reasons: the phallic shape and the break with social norms. (pun unintended but unavoidable)

But I probably have a phallic fixation: one of my favorite buildings in Norman Foster's pickle shaped skyscraper in London, I smoke cigars often, and I play Lacrosse - a sport where there are three main elements: the shaft, the head, and the ball. Frued would love me.

Radish King said...

I, too, have a phallic fixation.