Saturday, May 13, 2006

Houston Recap

The street course tore everybody apart.


The R8 took another victory after running behind the Porsche RS Spyders all week. Both Penske Porsches had late drivetrain problems as a result of the surface. The Corvette placed second.


The Audi R8 took it ahead of the Dyson Lolas who had troubles from the course.


When the Porsches dropped out, Liz Halliday and Clint Field were able to nurse their hurting Lola across the line in first. B-K Motorsports put their Mazda in second.


The Corvettes finished 1 & 2 just ahead of the Astons. The #4 won its 7th straight and finished 2nd overall - the highest placement for a GT1 car ever.


My BMW prediction did not come true. Alex Job Racing logged their 50th win in their Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. Flying Lizard took 2nd and 5th in their Porsches, placing them ahead in points for the year. Risi finished 3rd in the Ferrari at their home race. Fourth went to Petersen/White Lightning in their Porsche. Multimatic Panoz wore their tires down much quicker then anticipated and took an early pit, then collapsed the rear suspension.

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