Saturday, June 10, 2006

King Of The Mountain

Congratulations to the craziest of them all.

John McGuiness wins it.

(For those unfamiliar with the Isle of Man TT, it is raced at an average speed of over 125 mph. Six laps cover 226 miles of racing. They race entirely on public roads. The course is lined by mud, barbed wire, trees, houses, stone walls, telephone poles, and sidewalks - hardly the ideal racing surface and not a place I would want to zip through at over 230mph on a bike. )

It is said the crowd went crazy when he again broke his own record for fastest lap with an average of 129.451 seconds one lap after setting the fastest standing start lap on record.

Now, with the week of racing over, John McGuiness is only behind Mike Hailwood and Joey Dunlop in overall wins at the TT. He has eleven.

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