Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Uncle Likes a Party

To me he is just Uncle Bob. Not Robert Tiffany. Not Great Uncle Robert. Just the WWII hero Uncle Bob. Next weekend he is belatedly celebrating his 60th Wedding anniversary, 80-something-ith birthday, and his wife's 80-something-ith birthday.

They met while Bob was on leave. A friend had asked Bob to drive to Spokane with him. However, Bob had less shore-leave than the friend so he had to take a train back. He only had the uniform on his back with him so all he needed was a ride. On his way to the station he got lost, saw a girl, asked directions, started talking, and got married five days later, AWOL. The Navy found him two days after that. He was in the brig for 60 days. After his Pacific Tour he went back to his new bride, who didn't recognize him in civilian clothes. She insists, to this day, that the reason there are so many divorces is people knowing each other before marriage.

In December they had their 60th wedding anniversary.

I once wrote a poem about his trips to Nagasaki and Hiroshima a month after the war ended. I read it twice. I have a hard time looking at, reading, or editing that poem.

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