Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh No, Am I Normal Now?

Found out the other day that I am capable of love. Freakiest thing in the world man. I'm going to hole myself up in my apartment for a couple days now. I think I even miss a couple of my friends, but I'm too shell-shocked to tell. I mean, I've always loved mountains and trees and outdoorsy things, but people? Come on!


Sara said...

Yeah it was lucky of me to get sick after my final haha. It was seriously like an hour later!

You really shouldn't hole yourself in an apartment unless you absolutely have to. I mean I've been locked up in mine because of my meds, and believe me it's no fun. But hey, you can keep it a secret from your friends that you miss them, there's like a month and a half left of summer, so you're halfway to seeing themagain :)

Bart said...

Just be happy!