Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Recent TIME Article

"When the aliens who have monitored our broadcast signals invade, they will demand to negotiate the terms of our surrender with Regis. By one objective measure, he is TV's most successful host ever: he holds the Guinness record for most hours on camera (15,188, and counting). 'Every demographic loves him,' says Talent executive producer Ken Warwick. 'When we bring him onstage, the audience absolutely erupts. He can ask exactly the question that everyone is dying to know and wring as much humor out of it as possible.' Likewise, Philbin's carefully crafted irascibility is what allows the wealthy superstar to double as your crotchety 74-year-old uncle. There is, finally a Zen paradox to hosting. A host must subordinate his or her identity in service of the larger work—what poet John Keats referred to as 'negative capability,' although he was talking about verse, not wearing pinstripes and doing product placement for Coke."

Because success on TV is measured in how many hours and seasons. Therefore Dave Chapell was a terrible host, Conan O’Brien is no better, and Jon Stewart should give it up. But after numerous references to Ellen Degeneres, Katie Lee Joel, Dr. Phil, Chris Harrison, Tyra Banks, Jeff Probst, Ricki Lake, Alex Trebek, Meredith Vieira, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Cullen, Gordon Ramsay, Howie Mandel, Oprah, Merv Griffin, Ryan Seacrest, Roseanne, Kelly Ripa, Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, and many other producers, network executives, and actors, Keats gets thrown in to the final paragraphs for a sinle line. I must say that one threw me a bit.

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