Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Call President Bush Today At 202-456-1111 And Help Save Darfur

Today is a national call in day for the situation in Darfur. Since February 2001 citizens have been systematically raped, starved, enslaved, and killed in Sudan's Western region. I believe the international community should focus on true disasters like this more often rather than letting Rwanda the Sequel unfold before our eyes. Please help. These are fellow human beings in grave danger. The rivers are literally full with bodies.

Officially, the national call-in day is to "appoint a Special Envoy to oversee the United States’ involvement in stopping the Darfur genocide." But with another aid worker killed two days ago, a few kidnapped within the past week, and the increasing violence the people face, a UN peacekeeping force with a strong mandate is desperately needed to protect those who are still alive. The AU force has repeatedly stated that they are useless - underfunded and ill-equiped. And while the $220 million pledged today will help, especially the $116 million President Bush gave, a UN force provides the only real opportunities for an end to this devestating conflict.

Please help. Thank Bush for the $116 million he gave to the AU. Ask his help in getting blue hatters in the region. Ask him to appoint a Special Envoy to himself so he can stay current on the complex conflict. Please help.

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