Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It Begins

This term I have two firsts: an 8:00am class and a class on Friday. I think I did pretty good making it through three years of college before having either.

I am now lab manager at the store I work at. It means I take care of the machines, nurse them to health, clean our their intestines. It's true. It also means on days I don't have to work, if there is a problem I have to go in. Like Monday. From Monday off to a six hour day. I do all this for no extra pay. Me Think Smartly One Day.

One of my coworkers snapped. All he has said to me, while no one is around, for the past two days is, fuck you, fuck you dude, or fuck you man. Though he hasn't told me what his problem is. When people are around, especially my girlfriend or her hot roomate, I am his best friend.

There is only one passing in my group of friends. He went home. He doesn't care what happens tomorrow. He used to dream of being president. I am happy for him.

The sun rises through the smoke of burning fields.

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