Thursday, October 05, 2006

One Thing On Writing

Last night I learned what kind of man I want: Chris Abani.

So funny and so honest. He let us see all of him. He work has this sense of being Abani - more than many writers he is honest and personal in all of his work. It floored me. For well over an hour I worshipped him. The lynching scene from Graceland, the fire scene from The Virgin of Flames, the suicide in Becoming Abigail - he stunned me. Christian asked what his take on the relationship between violence and sex was and Abani replied so honestly I was breathles. He also said canibalism is one of the most sexual experiences he can imagine. Abani is obsessed with humanity and the rites of passage in becoming human - the ability of humanity to be faced with pure brutality and come away more human for it. Someone asked if he liked Los Angeles and he said L.A. was the most unnecessary, illogical, segregated, third world city - in the best possible sense - he had ever been in. Anyone can make L.A. whatever they want it to be and for that, he loves it. All of Abani's work focuses on becoming, and last night he showed us his path.


Turquoise said...

I also had an incendiary response to his reading and discussions. As writers we should all aspire to rip out the throat and tear out the liver of life. Yes. No milqutoast there. No sir. No forced-fed cheese curds. There is grand passion in humanity and that's what we should never forget.

Anonymous the Younger said...

I love cheese curds! And half-price floats from 2 to 5.

Howl my dear.