Thursday, November 16, 2006

How To Get Breathless

Go to a reading by Rebecca.

The power, surprise, humor, and beauty of her readings are unrivalled. She speaks with more conviction and confidence than I own. And oh God, the poems. The poems are back-alley bullies beating you up in broad daylight. When read out loud by the poet, holding desperately onto your chair is suggested; keep breathing too, it's important you last until the end, at which point you may fall over and stop breathing. Her work is full of fury and beauty. Her readings are truly astounding.

I made the trip to Seattle to see her a day after spending $100 on ten cigars. Actually got a spot in the Hugo parking lot around 6:30. Inside was a nervous poet passing out Radish King matches. She gave me a handful and I promised myself to only use them on the good ones. Then Radish King, the book. I'd seen an earlier form and was in love, also saw the cover once before, but feeling it, opening it up and blowing wind on my face by flipping the pages, scanning just a couple poems before the reading - I only get that excited over fresh pasta and a new racing season. She reads with power, precision, and poise I could never hope for. She named three places: Gold Bar, Ellensburg, and the Lewiston Grade. The next day I drove from Gold Bar, through Ellensburg, to the Lewiston Grade and felt her poems the entire way. They are parasitic and I love it.

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