Monday, November 27, 2006

Last Night I Said

I want it to snow ten feet tonight!

But it didn't. It snowed heavily for an hour. Covering everything in a few inches. Then the wind, the palouse this region was named for, blowing the snow everywhere so fast I couldn't see anything but stars through the pauses, and house lights through the breaks.

The snow was late this year, by weeks, a month maybe. Nobody knows where it was - in Hawaii for a last hurrah, or in training in the Arctic, or simply waiting above the Rockies and the Cascades - but here, after Thanksgiving, it comes down thick and clean and white. All the ugly of the world swallowed up for the night and day after a big storm. I forget about Darfur. I could care less about Nepal. It's snowing. And hard.

This morning, the clouds retreated East, back to the Rockies, and the sunrise was orange over the snow. Blue sky and fresh snow were everywhere. There was not ten feet, there was not even three, but I have already forgotten everything.

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