Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome To The Pre-Game Show

That's right Dave, today is the big day: the Moscow, Idaho 24 Hours of Poetry.

Sure is Steve, and the air is abuzz with excitement as those involved get ready for their big night.

Don't you mean write Dave?

Ha Ha Ha, I guess I should say write. We've watched these authors in the preliminaries, from English 291 all the way up through 491, and their fiction classes, and I think this is shaping up to be a - an - a very exciting night Steve.

Yes indeed Dave. We've also seen them turn out some fairly, well, not good poetry this season, -


- and perhaps this write is just the right thing to get them back to their old selves.

You know, you are exactly right there Steve. Poems like "Alexander" and "Jeff Jordan" really need help, while some like "I Am Sick Of Poetry" -


- yeah, I know, that title - well, "I Am Sick Of Poetry" and "He Passes Away Under A Cloud" really show some promise but just are not quite there yet Steve.

Yes, definately Dave. We can expect to see those come out, but I also wonder if recent poems like "The Male Ophelia" and that piece about hands might get an early start on new drafts tonight.

I think so.

Well, me to, but what is really exciting here Dave, is the prospect of seeing some really great poems -


- well, like "To The Cult Of Architecture" - come out and really be polished up to just that final draft, you know, the one you send off in manuscripts.

I agree Steve, but do you think any of our Poets will ever finish a poem?

No, I think you're right there. I think this group of authors we will see tonight are addicted to experimentation and continual revision, but I think that, after tonight, a couple poems might have enough confidence to fly to a periodical.

I completely agree with you Steve. But what about some of the other contestants, I know CVT lost the flash drive that had everything he'd ever written on it earlier this week.

Yes, that was devastating. He really had some good pieces and ideas, but to lose everything like that - wow Dave. I don't even know what to say.

Well, let's not forget that we haven't heard from him in a while and he may have found it Steve.

That's right Dave.

But even if he didn't, this night will see the first drafts of new poems, stories, assignments, et cetera -

As well as a wonderful William Kittridge reading.

- yes, as well as Kittridge. But we are running out of time for the Pre-Game show. The write starts off at about 2:00 PM today, Pacific time, with the first poet getting home from class. The rest of the authors will join up until they all go, en masse, to the Kittridge reading at 7:30 PM in the Administration Building's Auditorium on the U of Idaho campus. Good luck to all involved with this long, long night.

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