Sunday, December 31, 2006

Writing And The Holiday

I had trouble writing as much as I hoped this break. Maybe the trouble is that I hoped to write at all. Maybe it's that I tried too hard. I don't know. I've been doing great on a couple of stories, but no poetry has shat forth. I've been reading a lot though. Not as much as Rebecca, but still reading a lot. I love reading anything, but so often in school I don't get a chance. I need to find a way to fix that. Maybe take less school, maybe take better classes. Next semester I'm taking a couple of classes that have a lot of reading, and it's mostly authors I like. And I am actually excited for my architecture courses.

God I am optomistic at the end of the year.

I Am Not A Holiday Person

Christmas isn't my favorite: I love giving gifts, but I don't know what to say when I get one. It sometimes has good food associated with it, but more often it doesn't.

New Years I have never celebrated except by getting my fresh start by going to bed early and sleeping in. That's my style. This year I'll try poker with a few friends.

Call me Ebeneezer, but that's just how I am.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Best Street Car Of 2007

This year's Cypress Tree award for the best street car goes to,

Until now, electric cars have been for conspiracy theorists, people who really don't like to drive, and the past. Tesla is changing all that. Working with the same Lithium-Ion battery technology found in your cameras and laptops, not the exploding Dell or Sony batteries, the roadster has got speed. With an open company policy, a quick, personable response is assured by a higher up in the company to any question asked on their blog, over email, et cetera. This public form - and forum of information - has lead to incredible fanaticism and enthusiasm for this car. With styling and handling derived from Lotus engineers now on staff at Tesla, and the car made in England, a lot of people have called this the "electric Lotus." From a technical standpoint that couldn't be more wrong: the car is not only longer, wider, and quicker, but with the small battery block weighing 900 pounds and placed in the trunk, the cars suspension and body dynamics are significantly different even if the styling is similar. The 2008 models are starting at $92,000, but if you want one you'll have to pay an extra $30,000 for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2008, or $50,000 to be next in line. The 2007 1/2 model sold out in four months.

Their Super Secret Business Strategy: Make an electric super car that makes the company tons of money, then make an electric sedan that sells thousands of units and outperforms its gasoline counterparts.

I can get behind this company. There aren't many Silicon Valley based car companies, but this one is innovative, environmentally responsible, and makes a damn good looking car that'll do 0-60 mph in four seconds. My only complaint would be a top speed of only 140 mph. With super cars dipping into the 200 range for about twenty years now, and even one besting 270, 140 is a bit slow. But with the top down, and the electric whine of that engine, I don't think I'd care too much.

Lotus/Tesla Electric Car

BBC Reports

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Best Holiday Film Of All Time Is


I love a good ensemble film, and this one is great.

For three years now, the debate has raged: who is the hottest girl in the movie? Most guys I know, including me, say Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), and most girls I know say Aurelia (LĂșcia Moniz). Sorry Kiera Knightley and Emma Thompson and Heike Makatsch.

As for the hottest guys, I say Colin Firth but I think I'm alone there. Most people say Hugh Grant or Chiwetel Ejiofor or Rodrigo Santoro.

My favorite cameos are Rowan Atkinson, one of my favorite British actor's ever, and Claudia Schiffer as Carol, but it took me forever to realize that it was Schiffer, and by forever I mean like 30 screenings.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ray LaMontagne - "Trouble"

Ray LaMontagne is awesome. He just feels so good. From his voice to his simplistic melodies and choruses, he puts me in a good mood. His cover of the Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy" is as good as the original, just like Iron & Wine's cover of The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" was last year. This is the 3rd and final Winter Music Post.

Yesterday Was The Best Day Of The Week

I got a big box of cigars after sleeping in late. I didn't have to work. I cleaned. I went to the smoke room and got some tea, then proceeded to try two new cigars over the course of six hours spent reading Faulkner and writing writing writing. I sat on a BIG overstuffed couch that was so comfortable I almost fell asleep a bunch of times despite my twelve plus hours of sleep the night before. It was so relaxing and so needed and so beautiful the way the smoke curled around the sconces, the drums, the coloumns. I had a giant gingerbread cookie. I was alone. It was perfect.

Thank You Dillon!

Check this out. Now that's cool. Dillon left it in my comment box earlier.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I Woke From A Weekend Of Heavy Sleeping

To a BIG box of cigars on my front porch. Unfortunately only half of them are mine.

Off to the break of poetry and reading and making lots and lots of money off of daddy's wanting to buy their beautiful daughters things for Christmas, all while watching Love Actually 80 or 90 times.

Seattle is screwed up right now. Over here we have trampolines in trees, but that is normal on the Palouse.

School's out!

I have a cough.

I'm going to see one of my professors today - one that I like. I will give her a box of Christmas tea.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

To The Cult of Architecture

Sun crowns a branch. I send smoke rings
to the window pane, framing the curve of her,
dimming the light of her. I revel in a stare
at her forte light, let my eyes bleed just a little,

then turn back to my compass, the drafting table.
Beer warms in a wineglass on the shelf.
Silent, alone, alive, I put pen to vellum,
follow the triangle’s edge for one more straight line,

surrounded by the mess and light of my flat,
this one black mark makes sense,
I make another, then another, they line up
into a window, a doorframe, a garage.

I take a swig of exhaustion, turn up the heady rush
of Hendrix, make one more line, then another.
I brush a hair off the page, blot my marks
to keep from smearing, shake out my hands,

pick up the pen, pull taunt the T-Square,
the triangle, draw one edge
of the retaining wall, then another,
then another, then another,

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


At 2:00 AM I finished. I clicked Save As PhotoShop PDF, and stared at the computer, wondering what to do. Presentation in ten hours.

Bought Today At The Grocery Store

1. One Floaty Ducky. Watertight so it's mildew resistant. 100% Dishwasher Safe. Expert developed (heart) Parent Preferred.

2. Four cans Monster Energy Drink. Hear me body, hold together, one last night and day. You can sleep all weekend. Except Saturday and Sunday. And Friday there's that party.

3. One Bob's Jumbo Candy Cane. Net Wt 1 Oz. Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Peppermint Oil, Artificial Colors (Red 40, Red 40 Lake) Product of Mexico.

The Last Night Of The World

Tomorrow I turn my life in for review. Three weeks of this. Last night I told a friend,

"My blood runs green with Monster, I can't breathe without Hookah smoke coming out, I ain't had more than three hours since Thursday night, and don't ask about the two weeks before that. The skin on my palm is dead from my mouse and drafting table. Good God, why? I'm convinced either friends don't let friends do architecture or all architects die young. I'm hoping it's the former, but leaning towards the latter.

"I think I can honestly say that my favorite thing about architecture right now is the band Architecture in Helsinki, but I'm not sure how much I like that first word in their name."

iloveitiloveitiloveit. I live for these three weeks every semester, the back and forth, the breath, the headiness, the rush - I am where I am supposed to be. Silent. Alone. Alive. Holding on tightly to the thick of it.

Mogwai - Hunted By A Freak

This Glasgow band really has something. I love them. A lot. Everybody I know who has heard them loves them. Their Mr. Beast album is stunning, as is the Kid Loco remix of their song Tracy. This is Winter Music Post #2.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Please Check Off The SketchUp Model

I love it.

My Veryveryveryveryvery Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World

Architecture in Helsinki - Like a Call

This band is awesome. This is the begining of my Winter Music Posts. Architecture in Helsinki is a great band. Check out their song "It's 5".

There It Is


The Final Section


Monday, December 11, 2006


To see the reaction of reporters in the region, go to the iTunes store and visit the NBC News section, there is a Darfur segment for free. About a half hour show.

Oh The Shadows

With a sparse iron beam structure supporting a window arrangement of tempered glass held by cherry wood, the shadows cast inside the building are spectacular.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let's Get Those Perspectives Coming

This view is towards the coffee shop.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Reading Recap

There were quite a few people there for the reading, and quite a few more for dinner. I read three poems. I love those three poems. But the reaction to all three blew me away! People were so complimenting I didn't know what to do. I never take compliments well, but this was - wow! I was stunned. People I respect liked my poems - a lot. I was there with my girlfriend and somebody I didn't know asked me for a date. I think my favorite part was vT's reading. He read his tango poem and let me tell you, that is the poem I have been waiting to read my whole life. That is poetry. I wish I would've written that poem. He prefaced it by saying, "When Amanda tells you to do something, you do it," which was my favorite quote of the evening. And then Amanda got up and read this erotic tennis poem that blew me away. She called me three weeks ago to read it to me, and when she finished, I felt like I had just had phone sex. It is that good. My girlfriend had not heard it before and she turned to me after it was done and said, "I'm turned on!" Considering how much sleep we architect addicts haven't been getting, that is saying a hell of a lot. R read three short pieces that were awesome, he really progressed well. B read a poem I hadn't heard before that I absolutely loved, and she also read the trochaic poem about, among other things, a Jew who falls in love with a guy who has a swastika tattoed on his arm, and it ends,

"bought a pack of shotgun shells and ate it fucking whole."

J spoke softly but what I heard was very universal. He promised himself that all semester he would write about his latest long-term trip, and he has really gone from making the same poem over and over again to examining the different facets of his trip - and his poems are much stronger for it. The female J read a poem about her father that floored me. She has such control, so much precision, that when she does break out at the end, oh man does she sing. W's rhythm was, as always, awesome. He read a poem he started this morning that opens beautifully. The title is "My Dreams Can Kick Your Dreams' Asses". And then, at the end, JP read one of her poems, called "Dolphins", that was so cultivated, so complete, and breathtaking. I am sad this class is now over, but that was a good end.


"Gentlemen, you may smoke."

King Edward VII of England -- after assuming the throne. His mother, Queen Victoria, had previously banned smoking in court.

I am on my third bowl of Hookah since midnight.

How's About A Floorplan?


Give Me An Industrial Entrance

Let's Get Some Materials On That Beast

The Structure

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


On Wednesday, December 6th, at 7 PM, I will be taking a short, drunken break from architecture to read poems with my classmates at Mickey's on Main Street in Moscow.

I believe I will be reading two humorous pieces, but once I get enough alchohol in me to get on stage, who knows what I will read. Cheers!

PS - Blame a lack of posts from now until the 18th on Architecture. Thank you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday

And that’s the end. He passes away under a cloud, inscrutable at heart, forgotten, unforgiven, and excessively romantic. Not in the wildest days of his boyish visions could he have seen the alluring shape of such an extraordinary success! For it may well be that in the short moment of his last proud and unflinching glance, he had beheld the face of that opportunity which, like an eastern bride, had come veiled to his side.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Maybe Somebody Finally Hacked Stephen Hawkings Voicebox!

LONDON (Reuters) -

Humans must colonize planets in other solar systems traveling there using "Star Trek"-style propulsion or face extinction, renowned British cosmologist Stephen Hawking said Thursday. Referring to complex theories and the speed of light, Hawking, the wheel-chair bound Cambridge University physicist, told BBC radio that theoretical advances could revolutionize the velocity of space travel and make such colonies possible. "Sooner or later disasters such as an asteroid collision or a nuclear war could wipe us all out," said Professor Hawking, who was crippled by a muscle disease at the age of 21 and who speaks through a computerized voice synthesizer. "But once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe," said Hawking, who was due to receive the world's oldest award for scientific achievement, the Copley medal, from Britain's Royal Society Thursday. Previous winners include Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin.

In order to survive, humanity would have to venture off to other hospitable planets orbiting another star, but conventional chemical fuel rockets that took man to the moon on the Apollo mission would take 50,000 years to travel there, he said. Hawking, a 64-year-old father of three who rarely gives interviews and who wrote the best-selling "A Brief History of Time," suggested propulsion like that used by the fictional starship Enterprise "to boldly go where no man has gone before" could help solve the problem. "Science fiction has developed the idea of warp drive, which takes you instantly to your destination. Unfortunately, this would violate the scientific law which says that nothing can travel faster than light." However, by using "matter/antimatter annihilation," velocities just below the speed of light could be reached, making it possible to reach the next star in about six years. "It wouldn't seem so long for those on board," he said.

The scientist revealed he also wanted to try out space travel himself, albeit by more conventional means. "I am not afraid of death but I'm in no hurry to die. My next goal is to go into space. Maybe Richard Branson will help me."