Monday, December 18, 2006

I Woke From A Weekend Of Heavy Sleeping

To a BIG box of cigars on my front porch. Unfortunately only half of them are mine.

Off to the break of poetry and reading and making lots and lots of money off of daddy's wanting to buy their beautiful daughters things for Christmas, all while watching Love Actually 80 or 90 times.

Seattle is screwed up right now. Over here we have trampolines in trees, but that is normal on the Palouse.

School's out!

I have a cough.

I'm going to see one of my professors today - one that I like. I will give her a box of Christmas tea.


Dillon said...

Well, you survived...are you the same? Enjoyed the thoughtfulness of you and a our visually biased little world of architectural education. By the way, cult of architecture EDUCATION is a distinction I must point out; let's not confuse what we're doing with Architecture! (I dropped out once, after failing to realize this)
So enjoy the break, see you in 07.
Meanwhile, a bit of web art:
(audio required)

Anonymous the Younger said...

I ain't never the same. It's always changin' me, every class, every person - I can't help but be changed. Just like light burns film. There is one thing I still hate about architecture education though: the ego of some of the profs. But I don't think Architecture in Helsinki is my favorite thing about architecture anymore, though I have been listening to them nonstop. I think Architesticular is my favorite word of the year. Screw truthiness, merriam webster's polls favorite. I think that my business cards will read, Anti-Architesticularist.

I'm glad to have worked with you, your kayak is awesome and last year I was lamenting the fact that I wouldn't get to ask you questions about it because I thought you had graduated and gone. But it was very good to work with you, for my thinking and my general interest in Architecture and Architecture Education.