Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today School Starts

and last night, when the snow started falling, I was in bed reading Dune, recovering from an expansive and free Salmon and Rice dinner with a bottle of wine. I had just finished Stripes. I was alone.

I felt.

The snow kept falling. Being from Seattle, any actual snow makes me happy. I drove. I put down the first tracks. Just wandering through the streets, watching my path in the mirror.

Last week we got four inches, then the temperature rose to forty. It tried its best to melt all weekend, but didn't quite get there. Now there is fresh snow everywhere. We're supposed to get a cold snap on Friday. We might get the wind Wenatchee got. Life sits happily in the corner.

"And so it goes, it's the Devil I suppose, but it doesn't matter much to me." - mwY

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