Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let Me Try To Begin

I once said, "I am looking for something no one has yet found." I twice said it. I said it until I believed it. I said it until yesterday.

On my way home from class I realized everybody else is looking for the same thing.

My mind is against me.

I heard David and Dalibor speaking in class. I couldn't hear quite what was said. I didn't need to. Instead I studied myself. I studied the ideal they represented. I found it. Lacking? In some ways definitely. Close? Absolutely. There yet? For them, maybe. For me? Not. Not. Not.

I said it until yesterday, when I found another. The fact that truth is defined by logic and perspective needs to stop. There is no breath there. Euclid was right, in his own way. But for me he is oh so wrong. Axis? Who cares. They both constrict.

Truth Outside of Orientation

This speaks to me.
This screams deep inside me.
I am not sure.
I am not sure.
Even oriented I am still not sure.
I doubt it all.
I shudder to think that makes me closer than I was two days ago.
I think.
I hope.
I know.
Throwing a life or two at this.

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