Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Most Recent Addiction

Four fives and a Jack. It's true: 29 is the meaning of life. Thank you Suckling.
Still haven't hit it though.


Andrew Shields said...

Have you ever gotten a 29-point hand?

Anonymous the Younger said...

Welcome to Cypress Andrew!

Oh I wish. Not yet. Soon though: I've seen it in the stars. It will happen to me soon.

Have you?

Andrew Shields said...

I've never had one either. My brother had one once.

Have you ever been involved in a double skunk? My son Miles and I tried to get double-skunked on purpose, and it's really hard.

Anonymous the Younger said...

Yeah: I double skunked a friend once.

Work is really slow this quarter, so we play cribbage all day. I double skunked a co-worker while people kept coming in. We couldn't figure out if it is worth four games or three though. I should look online for that.