Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Week Is The Worst Kind Of Anniversary

Four Years. Genocide ignored.

I've been waiting now, for four years on and have only just begun.

Nous tentons. Nous espérons avec vous, avec tout le monde. Bon chance mes amis.

Please help.

So, what's been going on since I last spoke of Darfur? This is the pocket size edition:

On January 11th a cease fire was signed. The government didn't care and has continued systematically bombing villages. The Janjaweed seems to have a renewed vigor and aid worker after aid worker has been killed or stolen. Also, just within the past two days the Janjaweed has begun massing. Nobody is saying about how many people, but everybody says the group is huge. The AU has a helicopter constantly surveying their further movements, but Janjaweed are coming out of the desert in droves to join this group. Nobody knows what it is all about yet, but based on their past actions, get ready for some more rape, bloodletting, slaving, et cetera.

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