Monday, March 05, 2007

Amores Perros (Love's A Bitch)

A 2000 ensemble film featuring three main stories and Gael García Bernal. This film carries with it the best and worst parts of an ensemble, but has a tension I haven't yet seen in one. The tension rivals City of God, but instead of children shooting children, here it is dog-fights. Let it be known I don't handle dog-fighting well.

The first story is Bernal's. Or it is supposed to be. Vanessa Bauche (Susana) and Cofi steal this section. Hands down. Bernal bored me. Badly. Also, the love-blosoming scenes between Bernal and Bauche were almost as bad as Star Wars Three. Ramiro (Marco Pérez) is another fun character. This should be a good section. The story is great. But the lack of chemistry between Bernal and Bauche drags it down fast. Maybe Bernal only has chemistry with other guys.

The second story is about a model, Goya Toledo, who gets in an accident. Also, her dog disappears into the floor. The film does a good job not drowning in the symbolism here, but it drags on. There are a couple of very poignant parts here.

Emilio Echevarría (above) is one of my new favorite actors based on his Sisyphus/Jesus/hit man character here. As El Chivo, he saves Bernal's life, saves Cofi's life, looks like Jesus, steals cars, gets paid to kill Gustavo's half brother, and more. This dense section lacks the pacing problems that characterize the first two sections. Its quick speed doesn't loose any subtleties in the film though, and the third feels richer and more flushed out than the first two. There is a lot of symbolism here again, but it still doesn't drown the film.

My Rating:
I will watch this one again, but maybe just the third part.

Follow-up: I watched the third part two more times. I love it.

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