Monday, March 19, 2007

HBO's Carnivàle 2

Okay, wow. So I said the second season was either make or break, and it is most definitely make. Most definitely. The show is now firmly on my top-ten TV list. The emphasis on how the story is told is stunning visually -- costumes, location, and mise-en-scène -- but just as stunning intellectually -- the myths, the personalities, the metaphors, the symbols.

The second season is not the end, but HBO canceled it. I don't know why. I want them to bring it back. I emailed Chris Albrecht telling him I want it back. It was completely selfish. I want to know how it ends. There are websites devoted to fans who want Carnivàle back. This is why:

The Mythology of Carnivàle:

The Age of Wonder began with the coming of the Alpha, a Creature both Dark and Light. Her story is lost, but her legacy has continued. In the time before the Flood she bore two sons, one a Creature of Darkness, one of Light, the original Avatars. The Avatar's are always male, except for the Alpha and the Omega. The Omega is at the end of the Age of Wonder. She is the second female Avatar, and also both Light and Dark. Between the Alpha and the Omega is the Usher. An Avatar long prophesied about, the Usher of Destruction means to bring the end times upon the earth. His opposite must try to stop him. The end of the Age of Wonder is to come at 0529:45 hours, July 16, 1945, in the desert north of Alamogordo, New Mexico, at a test site called Trinity. The first man-made nuclear explosion ushers in the Age of Reason, and the Avataric rites are finished.

The Show:

Carnivàle is about the Usher and his opposite. The Omega is a main character too. Carnivàle's Season 2 ends in 1935 with the Omega coming into her own, the Usher finally revealing himself to the world at large, and the fight between the Usher and his opposite. I am being very careful to not give away anything, but I will say there needs to be at least one more season.

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