Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In The Mailman's Bag For Me Today

Five natural Mayorga Gordito Torpedos. Always one of my favorite cigars. The cheapest cigar on my recent World's Best Cigars: Torpedo/Belicoso list. These babies are fresh! I can't wait to light one up after work.

Twenty-five Belinda Spanish Twist maduros. My go-to smoke. This box cost me under $25 but don't let the price fool you - these are very fine smokes. The cost is on account of the inconsistent construction, but the taste is superb.

Five Don Diego Babies. My Girlfriend loves these things.

Six pouches of Captain Black's Gold. My favorite pipe tobacco yet. (No I haven't tried the White so stop asking. I think there is something wrong with Captain Black having a White mix.)

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