Monday, March 26, 2007

March 25th Through History

2BC: Archangel Gabriel tells Mary she will have a son, hence the feast of Annunciation
0033: Traditional date for the death of Jesus of Nazarene
1300: Dante descends into the Inferno
1603: Ikoma Chikamasa dies
1634: First settlers arrive in Maryland
1736: Nicholas Hawksmoor dies
1751: Last March 25th New Year’s Day, Lady Day, in UK and American Colonies
1807: Swansea and Mumbles, first passenger-carrying railway, opens under the name Oystermouth
1811: Shelley expelled from Oxford
1865: Claywater Meteorite explodes over Wisconsin
1865: Confederates capture Fort Stedman
1894: First large-scale protest march in America
1899: Burt Munro born
1901: Mercedes first race victory in Nice
1911: Fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
1914: Frédéric Mistral dies
1918: Claude Debussy dies
1925: Flannery O’Connor born
1942: Aretha Franklin born
1947: Elton John born
1955: US Customs officials seize copies of Ginsberg’s “Howl” on obscenity charges
1957: The European Economics Community, the EU’s direct predecessor, established
1965: Martin Luther King Jr. completes 4-day march from Selma to Montgomery
1975: Sheik Faisal of Saudi Arabia dies
1979: First functional space shuttle orbiter, Columbia, delivered to John F. Kennedy Space Center
1980: James Wright dies
1982: Danica Patrick born
1988: First mass protest against Communist Russia in Czechoslovakia
1995: First Wiki goes live
1996: Beginning of the 81 day Montana Freemen standoff
1997: B.I.G.’s Life After Death released 16 days after he is killed
1999: Cal Ripken Sr. dies
2006: Capitol Hill Massacre in Seattle
2006: Richard Fleischer dies
2006: Buck Owens dies
2007: Anonymous the Younger celebrates another birthday
Also, in Lord of the Rings, the destruction of the One Ring occurs


Collin said...

Wow...what a helluva day in history!

Happy Birthday. :)

Radish King said...

Happpy birthday, sweetpea.