Saturday, March 10, 2007

Midterms did not kill me. It takes final projects for that one. I am thankful for the break, though it is not really a break. It is just time to work on other projects.

How to be an architecture student:

1. Sketch.
2. Sketch.
3. Sketch.
4. Put the vanishing point of all the sketches (YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!) on the same horizon line.
5. Arrange them until you start seeing them not as sketches, or a building, but rather as a set of planes. Then try and consolidate to just two vanishing points (IT WILL BE MUCH EASIER)
6. Arrange your resulting drawing/compilation into a shape and form you like.
7. Make the floor plan (just reverse the perspective technique) of that mess.
8. Build it out of basswood.
9. Get drunk with studio-mates BEFORE grades come back, but after the project is turned in.
10. After grades come out, stay away from anything tall unless it is a drink.

Oh, and one more thing, you will NEVER EVER EVER know the step coming directly after what you are doing.

Bon chance. Don't forget basic human functions.

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