Monday, April 16, 2007

Audi Fell!

After winning every race it has entered - the last nine ALMS races, and the opening Seabring ALMS race in 2006, and Le Mans 2006 -
the Audi R10 has been beat.
By six LMP2 cars.

Four Porsches and two Acuras.

Finally, we know their drivers and team are not all robots. Somebody over there is possibly a human. However, this could just be the result of a glitch in programming.

Don't get me wrong, the R10 deserves all the respect in the world. It is an excellent car and that is a VAST understatement. However, for fans of racing, it is never good to see a car dominate so powerfully. It gets boring. (Now the Porsche Spyders will probably begin to dominate though.) I guess money can't buy every win.

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