Thursday, April 26, 2007


President and Prime Minister and Military Commander in Chief Umar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir denies any involvement with the Janjaweed and genocide in Darfur. This is like Idaho and Washington attacking Oregon with weapons and commanders and bombers from DC and the President denying any involvement. Now Bashir is holding 100,000 tonnes of sorghum and some peas meant for Darfur, saying they need to test for genetic manipulations. There is no such thing as genetically manipulated sorghum.

Article Here.

Also, the Sudanese air force, which has regularly bombed villages in the region since 2003 despite numerous no-fly treaties, has now painted their planes white. White is the color of the UN relief planes. Imaging seeing a white plane land, running to get food, but when you get there you are raped and beat or simply killed. Bashir is the man I would have the easiest time hating.

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