Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Open Letter To Microsoft

Why, when I type in Heliopolis, do you suggest I meant Mediapolis? Heliopolis is the ancient center of learning where the Obelisk in Central Park, and Cleopatra's Needle in London come from. Heliopolis is the place where humanity started according to Egyptian mythology. Ptolemy, Herodotus, Strabo, Diodorus, Arrian, Aelian, Plutarch, Diogenes Laertius, Josephus, Cicero, Pliny the Elder, Tacitus, Pomponius Mela, and Stephanus of Byzantium all visited and described it. It is the formidable, direct predecessor of Alexandria. And what is Mediapolis? A town of 1664 people in Iowa that doesn't even have a railroad. Thank you Microsoft, for your vast knowledge: of course I meant Mediapolis rather than Heliopolis.


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