Sunday, April 08, 2007

Seattle Got Sun For Easter

I got the first butterfly of the season. Not this one:

Photograph by chuchogm.

Two best Easter Services ever:

1. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris: unfortunately there were so many people. Stood in line to get in. It was just nice to be in that building at that time and hear that music. I loved it.

2. Interfaith Sunrise Service at the Grand Canyon, Arizona: It was so beautiful and so cold I do not think I heard a word that was said though. I was too distracted by this:

This Morning I am listening to Symphony 9 and doing homework. I love Dvořák. The homework I'm not too sure about. Something about the outdoors always makes me feel more reverential than being inside ever could. It is what I will not write. What I cannot. It is mine and I will never ever ever share. Even if you were there, I still wont rehash it.

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