Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Music Post 3

Listen to Lovedrug.

I've heard them described as the first indie-rock band in the last few years that doesn't want to sound like Green Day.

My and Lovedrug have a past. Members of Lovedrug used to be in The Kerith Ravine. I loved Kerith. When I heard they split up I was excited that two members formed Lovedrug. Then I downloaded their first songs about a year after the split, and fell for them. Lovedrug just writes music that sounds right to me.

Their "The Rocknroll EP," was awesome. They seemed to be going in the direction of melding folk, rock, and emo. "Goodbye Blue Fly" is such a good song but didn't make it onto their first LP. I didn't like the song Rocknroll.

Their first LP, "Pretend You're Alive," opened with the stunning and tight "In Red," then the breathtaking "Blackout." Their music was tight, and very much rock. As always, Michael Shepard's vocals sounded dreamy and unrestrained - a great contrast with the music. The rest of the album ended up a bit too emo for me but I found myself playing it over and over and over and over again. I probably listened to this CD straight for about a week. I fell for it. But I still just didn't like the song Rocknroll.

Their newest CD, "Everything Starts Where It Ends," is spectacular. Truly. I just got it yesterday and I can't believe it. They are much more experimental this time around: listen to "Salt of the Earth" and you will understand, they also use vocal modulators on one track in a way that reminds me of The Mars Volta - but the bands are NOTHING alike otherwise. They are still folksy and rocky and a bit emo, but their song-writing has become much more skilled and complex. These are amazing songs.

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