Sunday, April 22, 2007

Two Races In A Row!

The big car has only ever been beaten twice, two races in a row. Now, the last three races have been tight, technical street races. Audi has stated from the beginning that they designed the R10 exclusively for Le Mans, no compromises. They usually follow that up with something like, therefore we do not expect to do well on street courses or really short courses.


I always lose them at that "therefore." Le Mans is a street race. Le Mans is THE street course. Well, Le Mans and Monaco are THE street courses but Le Mans is THE street course for sports cars.

Next Race: Utah Grand Prix. I will be attending! This is a great track and a wonderful build-up to --

Next Next Race: The big one. Someday I will make it over to France to see this race. Someday. Knowing me I would stay there all night and watch all twenty-four hours of it. Knowing me I would fall asleep in the stands to the lull of the engines. I love Le Mans. But I'm sure you've noticed that.

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