Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Rebecca

Ron Jelaco: "Burt, how could someone like Heidegger exist?"

Hubert Dreyfus: "He was open."


"While some poets make nice, compact poems that answer all the questions they raise, Loudon is open. She embraces ambiguity as a step from the unknown to the known. Ambiguity implies that a knowledge is possible, but really all knowledge is ambiguous because it leads to more questions. Architecture and poetry and philosophy and every other field combine here. On the forefront of each are creatures who thrive off of creating ambiguity from the unknown. Earhart flew into the unknown. Rebecca embraces that unknown in Navigate while also embracing the unknown of poetic experimentation."

-quote from my term paper


Thank you for feeding this. I now cannot escape, but nor do I want to. I am diving farther and farther and farther, lost and loving it. I will always remember where I was the day Hunter S. Thompson died. That is the day I knew this writing thing was for me. Thank you.

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