Sunday, May 13, 2007

How To Have The Best Day Of Your Life

1. Drive. We took a 1972 Mach 1 up to Post Falls in the Palouse sun, listening to Bob Dylan all the way.

2. Have somebody buy you dinner. A friend's dad but us both dinner to -

3. Celebrate a friend's graduation. A. is a damn fine poet and fiction writer who has recently tried writing accuracy and managed to get some truth into it too. Luckily she got accepted into the EWU MFA program so we can still hang out.

4. Blow $30 at your favorite cigar shop. Picked up the brand new H. Upmann, a Padron, a Sancho Panza, and a Punch Grand Puro.

5. Smoke cigars on the drive home. Smoking cigars in the Mach 1 at 105 is a highlight of my life so far.

6. Go to the smoke room for a second/third cigar. I finished C.'s Sancho in the car then ashed my favorite cigar in the world, the Opus X Perfecion X, in the smoke room.

7. Go to bed. A luxury after the last three weeks. I slept ten solid hours after reading what I wanted to read, the first chapter of Mahfouz's Three Novels of Ancient Egypt.

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