Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Road Is Open Now

Jason Hamilton was the shooter. He was on trial last month for parole violations. At 10, Hamilton was seen in a bar drinking. At 11:30 he plugs 125+ bullets into the Latah County Courthouse and Sheriff's Station. After retreating into the church on Sunday morning, he shot 60-80 more bullets, until 1 AM. He and Paul Bauer were found dead at 6 AM.

Paul Bauer died with the phone receiver in hand, talking to 911.

Hamilton's wife Crystal was found dead of a single gunshot wound in the head. Police believe Hamilton killed her before attacking the station. Crystal worked at the courthouse.

Pete Husmann is the civilian who was shot. He took three bullets: back, thigh, and neck. When he heard the original burst of gunfire he grabbed his pistol and ran outside to see if he could help. The first shot knocked him on the ground, the second and third shot hit him while he was down but he managed to crawl away. He is still in Gritman Medical Center, in stable condition.

Brannon Jordan was shot while pulling Lee Newbill out of the line of fire. It is unclear if Officer Newbill was still alive at that time or not. Jordan remains in critical condition.

Bill Shields is another officer declared wounded. He was the officer who sprinted from the MPD with Lee Newbill. Ricocheting fragments caught him.


My roads are open now, which means yesterday I was woken by two large news trucks parking in my parking lot. Which means there are two out there right now. They are very loud. They should be leaving soon though. America should get bored with us soon.


A timeline of events here.

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