Monday, May 21, 2007

My Road Is Still Closed Off 2

Moscow is quiet. I don't think it's just because the roads around me are still closed. Yesterday work was slow. Most people know one of the four people shot, or the gunman himself. This is a small town. Rumors are everywhere though: people believe the man killed his wife, or tried to, before attacking the courthouse and sheriff station. Nobody knows for sure what sparked this.

He used an SKS automatic. The over seventy-five 7.62x39mm M43 cartridges that punched through the walls, doors, and windows of the courthouse were heard throughout the entire town. That's how small a community we are. Yesterday, walking down the closed off streets to rent some movies, no officer was without a cup of coffee. For once, no people protested in Moscow. Everybody was friendly. Most people were staying close to family and friends.

It is eerie around here. It feels like a dream. The press are everywhere, even parking in my parking lot. We walked by a camera filming for ABC last night on the way back from the video store. We walked by an NBC crew. We walked by two local stations. The two blocks immediately north of me are still taped off. The investigation continues night and day.



Moscow Police Department Officer Lee Newbill:
At 11:31PM the dispatcher put out a call to the MPD, advising them of the attack. Newbill and his partner sprinted up the hill. The gunman saw Newbill and shot him multiple times. After Newbill fell he kept shooting into the body.

Paul Bauer:
He was the church curator and lived at the First Presbyterian Church. The sixty year old gentleman was found dead in a separate room from the gunman when three SWAT teams went into the building at 6AM.

The Gunman:
Found dead in the First Presbyterian Church around 6AM. Motive(s) unknown.

Latah County Sheriff’s Deputy Brannon Jordan:
Remains in Serious Condition at Gritman Medical Center after taking multiple gunshot wounds. Nobody knows if he was in the building when it was attacked or not.

Unknown Civilian:
Lives across the street just west of the station and south of the High School. Came out to see if he could help. Took a single gunshot, underwent surgery, and is now in good condition.


Some pictures taken just after the early morning raid.

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