Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Road Is Still Closed Off

NY Times article here.

At 11:30 PM a gunman attacked the Latah Country Courthouse and Sheriff's center. He fired into the building multiple times and shot three people who came out to see what was going on. Then he fled into the First Presbyterian Church and was found dead at 6:00 AM. The church caretaker was also found dead at that time.


My girlfriend and I were watching It's All Gone Pete Tong at M.'s place until 11:15. We drove to my place to turn off some lights, then drove to her place to sleep. It was 11:26 when I left my place. When we pulled up to her place we could hear the shots. They continued until about 12:30, as far as I could tell. They sounded at first like fireworks, then I thought they were shots but I didn't trust myself. Then I had a ton of messages from Seattle family and friends on my phone this morning.

The First Presbyterian Church tower has line of site into my bed and I always leave the windows open.

One other thing, I heard a louder blast. I originally thought of a grenade, but it was definitely not the assault rifle the shooter was using.

If any of the Latah County Sheriffs, the Moscow Police Department, or the WSU Campus Police come across this, thank you. Thank you very much.

I think this map shows how happy I was to have gotten out of there when I did:
Elevation 2638ft
Eye Altitude 3874ft

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