Sunday, June 17, 2007

Le Mans Wrap-Up

My comments over at my other blog. The race was wet. The start-finish line was literally a puddle. The world famous Mulsanne Straight had enough puddles on it to require a safety car there at the end. The white flag lap was under green, but this race effectively ended under safety.

Here's a snippet:

My Favorite Moments:

1: Aston Martin.
2: The #2 Audi's wheel falling off at Indianapolis.
3: Oreca Saleens both finishing in fifth and eighth.
4: The Ferrari 550 finishing.
5: The surprising longevity of the Peugeots (below).
6: The rain.
7: A GT2 car finishing ahead of all the LMP2s.

My Least Favorite Moments:

1: Both Spykers dying.
2: The JLOC Lamborghini dropping out.
3: LMP2 becoming a clusterfuck and the time with an hour and a half left when there were no LMP2s on track due to repairs being performed on both the final cars.
4: The #7 Peugeot dropping out with an hour and a half.
5: The Flying Lizard dying.
6: The rain.
7: A GT2 car finishing ahead of all the LMP2s.

Friday, June 08, 2007

June Is The Month Of Racing

It starts out with the Isle of Mann TT. The world's oldest motorsport race is celebrating its 100th year of motorcycles this year. Known for riders brushing against stone walls while riding at speeds over 170mph, this race has always fascinated me. John McGuinness won his twelfth race earlier in the week and this morning scored his thirteenth. On lap two of the Senior TT race today, he became the first person to ever break 130mph. 130 is his average speed over the lap.

Then there is the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is the world's second oldest race. This year is the 75th running. Running four classes on the track at the same time, Le Mans is the highlight of the racing summer every year. This year two beautiful closed-top Peugeot Diesel LMP1s will battle a trio of Audi R10s and a pair of Pescarolos at the front of the pack. Audi has only lost once since 2000, and this will be the first time it races the Peu 908s.

If you're wondering where I've been, I've been here.