Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Response To Collin's Discovery Of The Greatest Show On TV

My Favorite Quotes from the new Top Gear. And we all know it's 80 times better than the old one, though I watched that one too for a long time.


Jeremy: There are two sides to Holland. The Rembrandt side: where time is spent in stuffy boardrooms painting accountancies and very important people. Then there's the van Gogh side: where you move to the south of France and cut off your ear. Which side do you think [the Spyker C8] comes from?


James: The reason, I think, that the Porsche is the best car is, you know when you drive some cars, you get a, a sense that the car is smiling, when you're driving?
Richard: What on earth are you talking about?


Jeremy: even has the traditional Mercedes voice activated computer which doesn't understand a blind word you're on about. Let me show you... Dial number.
Mercedes Computer: Dialling.
Jeremy: I haven't told you what to dial yet... Dial number.
Mercedes Computer: The number please?
Jeremy: 01785.
Mercedes Computer: 0785.
Jeremy: No, you missed the one.
Mercedes Computer: Pardon?
Jeremy: You missed the one.
Mercedes Computer: The number is deleted, please continue.
Jeremy: See what I mean?
Mercedes Computer: 202.
Jeremy: Where did that come from?
Mercedes Computer: Pardon?
Jeremy: And so it goes on.


Jeremy: I have an announcement to make. Top Gear, this... pokey motor show on BBC2, this week won--I've got it here--in New York, an Emmy! We've won an Emmy! Check it out!"
Richard: Wow! Can I touch it?
Jeremy: What this is for, okay, is for the best non-scripted entertainment show that wasn't made in America. That's us!
Richard: Why didn't you go and pick up the award from the ceremony?
Jeremy: Well, because I was writing the script for this week's show.
Richard: Thing is though, when the Office, you remember that sitcom series?... won some Golden... Globes recently, the whole of the BBC ground to a halt while everyone said congratulations and... they were showered with, like, gifts, and gold and diamonds...
Jeremy: It's true, the director general of the BBC spent a whole week rubbing warm pig fat into the back of Ricky Gervais.
Richard: So, how many chocolate covered lap dancers do you think were sent to us?
Jeremy: [to the audience] How many do you think? Not a damn thing!
Richard: Nothing!
Jeremy: And if you think that's outrageous, then please write to us, as of Monday, to Top Gear, Channel 4 television...


Richard: Look. A petrol station, the natural home territory of the Ford GT. And there it is, at the watering hole, drinking its fill. For the forty-seventh time today. How can he need more?
James: Have you noticed how his right bicep is now slightly bigger than his left one?
James: ...have you also noticed that when he fills his car up, he stands like a teapot?
Jeremy: James, I've run out of money.
James: Have you... what an interesting predicament.
Jeremy: Please can I borrow some money.
Richard: I'm not--we're not bailing you out!
James: You want me to pay for your petrol?
Jeremy: Yes!
James: Right, the nation is observing...
Jeremy: I haven't got any money...
James: ...while I fund your ridiculous petrol habit.


Richard: James, well, let's put it this way: if you were to be locked inside a phone box for half an hour with: a) a lion, and b) a monkey, there you go! what would you go for?
James:The lion.
Richard and Jeremy: What?
James: No, you see, monkeys, in confined spaces, those monkeys get really, really vicious.
Jeremy: I love the fact that James thinks that monkeys are, in some way, the greatest peril that we're facing... in the next hour of our lives.


Jeremy: Uh... it's on fire.
Richard: What?! It can't be on fire! It's on fire.
Jeremy: It's on fire. Just run. Just run.
Jeremy: The thing is, we managed to set fire to something that's basically made of water!
Richard: How did you do that? Did you see the owner of the car wash afterwards?
Jeremy: He was...
Richard: Cross. Very cross.
James: He was especially cross when I rang him up and asked if we could have our three pounds fifty back.


Jeremy: If you go though the Pearly Gates, backwards, in a fireball, that's a cool way to die!
Richard: I love that vision of just blasting through the gates, backwards, in a flaming Swedish supercar! Yes! I'm here! Where are the women?


Richard: Ow! Oh, that sounded expensive.


Richard: Ow!
Jeremy: Was that your finger?
Richard: There's gonna be swearing!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

James Turrell

Three Gems was an experience I will never forget. Ever. It is pristine. His work very simply plays with light, sound, touch, smell, and views. He is one of the few sculptors who actually plays with the five senses and as such it is hard to not call him an architect. I went into Three Gems with a group of people, then twice more alone and I will never ever try to describe it.

Roden Crater is slowly coming along, slowly. Apparently construction progresses in spurts based on funds. However, Alpha Tunnel may be completed. Rodenmonk got in and posted the video on youtube. I asked about the experience and rodenmonk said, "the week before we were there, Turrell and company held the first-ever lunar projection in the tunnel (the moon aligns with the mouth of the telescope every 18.5 years or something); also, Turrell plans on putting in about 25 more celestial viewing rooms, another tunnel, and an amphitheater between the two crests of the craters. The video is still mysterious--the camera couldn't adjust to the light at the end, obviously, thereby obscuring the room with the bronze staircase, leaving things still a bit unclear. but I like it that way. It seemed to drag a little at normal speed, even though I was running up the entire scope as i shot it (it's 854 feet long--I was out of breath by the time I reached the light!). Note the dim circle at the very beginning of the video: that's the solid slab of marble that serves as a surface for projection of the moon."

If you live in Seattle and have not gone to the Henry Art Museum since 2003 or have not sat in Light Reign alone, do so now. Like Three Gems it presents a skyscape. His skyscapes are starkly meditational and I warn you that going inside any of them may confront you in unexpected ways.

He also plays with artificial light sources, creating shapes and canvases that appear solid but actually have no mass. If you're lucky enough to live near a Turrell, go see it. Here is a list of his works and their locations.


It's easy to say he is my favorite sculptor/architect right now, damn easy. For those who don't know, I am currently designing a meditation chamber on a floating platform in the middle of the south pond in the UI Arboretum - the new one. The simple, stark, meditative, rich feel of his work is very influential in my design. My two other inspirations are the movie "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Again" and the quiet and astounding equilibrium in Alexander Calder's work.

ps - search flickr for James Turrell or just link here to the first page.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Craziness

I've gone off wire,

but it seems I'm on an appropriate new wire.

It's weird, and it's time. The space accepts us. I give it a futon, a microwave, a fridge, and the next year of my life. Welcome to studio. It's time.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Articles Of Extreem Importance Too All People Of Intelect

The Onion: Activision Reports Sluggish Sales For Sousaphone Hero

Wired: Jesuit Priest turns to Second Life for fertile missions field

Facts About ATY

When I'm not without sleep I like to sing along with Emmylou. A Lot.

When I am without sleep it is Imogen Heap and Bjork.

In later stages of sleep deprevation I've been known to sing The Knife's "Na Na Na" off Silent Shout. Go listen to it.


My amount of shisha intake is a direct result of the amount of architecture homework due and how soon.

I play a mean Wii Tennis.

You know how the bottom of your mouse accumulates the packed dirt stuff? I've been at the computer with a mouse for so long that my hand has that stuff. No joke. I couldn't figure out what it was for ever. Nasty.


The last great Hollywood movie was Lawrence of Arabia.

The first was Nosferatu (Sorry Mrs. Stroker).

I will be seeing the Bourne Ultimatum for three reasons: John Powell, Joan Allen, and morbid curiosity because Maria doesn't get shot in the car on the bridge in book two, she is kidnapped. What trickery will Hollywood pull now? Not hoping high.