Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clean Water in Seattle

This is clean water, in Seattle. In the Puget Sound. At Pier 70. On the site of a former refueling station. The massive project to clean up the Puget Sound was furthered and defined by Weiss/Manfredi during their work on their new building in Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park. They also did the Women's Memorial/Gateway at Arlington National Cemetary and the awesome complex in Olympia Fields, Illinois.

I fully believe their work is the future of architecture. Their simple mixing of Landscape, Buildings, Interiors, and Urban spaces makes so much sense, but is astounding at the same time. Together they are one of the most important architecture firms this world has ever seen - up there with OMA, Isidore & Anthemius, Iktinos & Kallikrates, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Imhotep & Sneferu, and the most important firm of all: the anonymous modern and ancient innovators in vernacular architecture.

In the coming weeks I hope to feature a few articles on each of these firms and why I feel they are so important. Stay Tuned.

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