Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cool Work

Antony Gormley: I love this guy's latest works at the Hayward. Blind Light, a glass room filled with fog, exhibits human reliance on definition and intensely creates a feeling of isolation. Blind Light acts as a counterpoint to Event Horizon: 27, a monumental scale installation viewed from three exterior platforms at the Hayward. The piece consists of life-size casts of Gormley attached to buildings and landscapes near and far from the viewing platform. As you start to look outward at the expanding scale of the casts you start to notice real people moving and London and from the pictures I get a sense of community. These two pieces show both sides of Gormley's stated hypothesis that "architecture is another kind of body: body is our first habitation, the building our second." The above picture by grahammcnally exquisitely communicates both sides of his current installations and shows the coexistence of isolation and community found at the heart of architecture.

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