Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Hate September & Sinus Infections & Lung Infections / Fall Music Post #1 & #2

So I just skipped it. Now, back to life...

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If you haven't heard the new Electric Six album, I Shall Exterminate Everything Around me that Restricts me from Being the Master, give it a listen. There's, as always, some good social commentary and some pure awesomeness. "Dance Pattern" contains these lines:

"She tells me she's a liar
But I don't believe her
She tells me almost anything"

And here's two shots from the next song:

"He said: "My people need a place to Go!" (Go!)
My people need a place to Go! (Go!)
People need a place to go
People need a place to go

Now everybody down at McDonnellzzz
They down with Ronald McDonnell
And now they hitting the bottle
And everybody cool!"

C'mon, give it a listen.


Okay, it's no secret I'm an Iron & Wine fan. I was a little scared about their new album, after all, it was not going to be just Sam Beam. Now, the live show has never really been just him and his guitar so I wasn't too scared. And now I'm talking in circles and the new album is incredible. Incredible. Let's talk this way: it's like a live show recorded in the studio. It's got all the emotion and power of his earlier work with a new energy that just keeps me coming back. Or this way: I got it about a week ago and have listened to it once a day so far. It's good stuff. Get it.

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