Friday, October 05, 2007

Is Different Always Better?


Art Lebedev is a pretty cool designer and studio. For all those Russian TV's with just 102 channels comes this cool remote. Now why is it cool? It looks nice, it is legible and symbolic without overplaying it, and it is different. But is different always better?

Yes: Even if the specific product that differs from the norm sucks, at least someone is thinking in a different direction, at least someone is trying to innovate. Also, inspiration from seeing a product that doesn't work, but is different, leads to new products that work better. (See, I'm innovating my sentence structure here)

No: "Different" is this excuse designers use when they are too embarrassed or blind to actually say, "I'm sorry." Too many products come out simply because they're different. There should be a screening process besides the public to weed out crappy products and only allow the good new ones to survive. Plus, Yes, your sentences suck.

Easy Answer? For me, yes. Yes is the obvious answer.

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